Compatible VDI Platforms

Cloud My Office works on practically any internet connected device.


Whether it’s Windows 8, Windows XP or anywhere in between, Cloud My Office runs perfectly on any Windows platform. There is no need to buy brand new computers for your entire office when moving to hosted virtual desktops from Cloud My Office, continue to use your existing machines and leverage the power of the cloud to improve user performance. Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktops will increase the useful lifespan of your current Windows computers by offloading processing to the cloud.


Cloud My Office makes it easy to have access to your Windows virtual desktop from anywhere in the world even when you are using a Mac. The growing trend of BYOD (bring your own device) has resulted in more and more Macs being used for business use. With Cloud My Office you can use the hardware platform you are most comfortable with while still having access to all of your enterprise / line of business applications on Cloud My Office.

iPad and iPhone

Great for the road warrior, Cloud My Office works seamlessly on all versions of the iPhone or iPad. You have complete flexibility when using Cloud My Office on a mobile device, whether you are using a full virtual desktop or a single published application from your iPhone or iPad you will love the ability to have your desktop computer with you even when you are on the road.


You have the freedom to use Cloud My Office on your Android tablet or smartphone giving you the flexibility to work where you want and how you want. With our hosted virtual desktops on Android devices you can take your complete desktop computer with you when you are in a meeting or on the road.


We told you that Cloud My Office works on just about every internet connected device available and we were not lying! Linux fans you are in luck, Cloud My Office works great on practically every Linux distro available today. Here at Cloud My Office we are huge fans of Linux, we even made our own Linux-based, thin client operating system to make it easy to convert old computers into thin client devices.


Cloud My Office even works Chromebooks! Great for schools and universities looking to minimize hardware costs, Chromebooks have shown to be a great way to continue to use Windows applications via the cloud while keeping hardware costs down.

Thin Clients

Using thin clients are a great way to reduce the cost of hardware while simultaneously reducing your energy consumption. Cloud My Office virtual desktops work with any thin client that support Citrix.