Cloud My Office Offers the Best Remote Desktop for Android Devices

Manage your data and run applications remotely with Cloud My Office! Our cloud computing solutions make it easy to access your files and applications on any mobile device, even smartphones and tablets based on Google’s Android OS.

We make it simple to remotely use Windows-based applications, including Microsoft Word and the full suite of Office products. Cross-platform compatibility means you can edit documents, check email and even manage your IT infrastructure on the go. Contact us today for your free trial – mobile computing has never been this simple or efficient!

Flexible Solutions for Android Cloud Computing

With Cloud My Office, you have complete control over how your data is managed. As a remote desktop for Android tablet devices, including the Samsung Galaxy and Kindle Fire, Cloud My Office lets you administer your IT resources on the fly, adding new users when necessary and managing application and drive share permissions. Our engineers can accommodate the unique needs of your business with tailored solutions that give you the flexibility you need to work on the go.

Mobile Computing For Modern Offices

Today’s businesses demand IT solutions that reach beyond the four walls of the office. An Android virtual desktop is the ideal solution for any organization that employs mobile salespeople, freelancers or telecommuters.

Give your staff the freedom to work remotely without compromising the integrity of your data. With Cloud My Office, you can take your business to the cloud with a remote desktop for Android devices that keeps you and your staff working together, no matter where you are!

Safe and Reliable Virtual Desktops

Cloud My Office is leading the industry in developing virtual desktop solutions that guarantee the highest level of security. Our servers are protected by Cisco Systems firewalls that use up to 256-bit encryption to prevent any security breach.

For clients with increased security requirements, including conforming to HIPAA or PCI regulations, we can implement custom features including private VLANs and private line VPN or MPLS termination. We understand having staff working remotely presents additional security risks, including the use of unsecured wireless networks. Cloud My Office gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your virtual desktop for Android is protected, no matter where you are.

Exclusive Free Trail Offer For Mobile Users

We’re so convinced you’ll be impressed by our remote desktop for Android phones and tablets, we’re prepared to offer you a free trial that shows just how fast and easy it is to work from a mobile device. Contact us today for more information!