Mobile Computing Made Easy With Cloud My Office Remote Desktop for iPad

You may love your iPad, but it could never replace your office computer, right? Think again. With Cloud My Office remote desktop for iPad, all your business files and applications are just a touch away.

Our hosted desktop service puts powerful computing solutions on tablet devices across the world. All you need is an internet connection to have fast and reliable access to a full range of professional applications, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and the whole range of Microsoft Office products.

Desktop Processing Power on a Tablet Computer

With an iPad remote desktop from Cloud My Office, you’re no longer limited by your tablet’s processing power or operating system. A virtual desktop allows you to do more with your mobile device by hosting your files and applications online.

Our system is even cross-platform compatible, so you can use Windows-based programs on your Apple device! Not only can you work remotely, but you also never have to worry about upgrading your hardware or applications – the newest, fastest technology will always be right at your fingertips.

Remote Collaboration Has Never Been Simpler Than With an iPad Remote Desktop

Throw away your old flash drives and CD-Rs today! With an iPad virtual desktop, it’s easier than ever to share files with collaborators the world over.

The beauty of cloud computing is that a single copy of your data is maintained in the cloud. No more digging through multiple copies of the same file to find the most recent version. Whether you’re writing a grant proposal, developing a PowerPoint presentation or editing marketing copy, accessing your virtual desktop on iPad makes collaboration simple.

Systems Administration, Simplified

For team leaders and IT administrators, Cloud My Office’s remote desktop connection for iPad makes overseeing user accounts and other data management simple. Using our online interface, you can add additional users and control permissions with the ease of a touch screen system. Perfect for managing information on the go, your virtual desktop on an iPad gives you complete control over your network infrastructure without the hassle of maintaining physical hardware.

Reliable Access to All Your Data and Applications

We guarantee that, with our virtual desktop for iPad, you’ll be able to access your files and applications 24/7, regardless of where you are. Your data will be backed up in real time at our private data center, and we offer offsite with daily ultra-redundant backups. Contact us today for your free trial and see how easy it can be to mobilize your office on your iPad.