Cloud My Office Offers Virtual Desktops for Mac Computers

Members of the creative class were among the first to recognize that cloud computing facilitates collaboration and makes working remotely a snap. Now, businesses of all types are taking their computing to the cloud. A Mac virtual desktop from Cloud My Office helps connect you with your peers and makes it easy to work together on your next project whether it’s a multimedia collaboration or a high-level sales pitch.

Support On the Go With Full iPhone and iPad Compatibility

With a Mac virtual desktop from Cloud My Office, you’ll enjoy complete compatibility with the full line of Apple mobile devices. No matter where you are in the world, if you have a wifi or broadband connection, you can stay connected with your home or office computer.

Even if you’re running a Windows-based office, cross compatibility with Apple devices means all your files and applications will work remotely. Imagine relaxing on a tropical beach, monitoring your office from your iPad in real-time; with an Apple virtual desktop, it’s not just a fantasy anymore!

Industry Leading Cloud Security

Mac users know how important it is to maintain data integrity and security at all costs. With a Mac virtual desktop from Cloud My Office, you can be sure your files are well protected.

Our servers feature high-end Cisco Systems firewalls, offering unparalleled network security. We offer the option to have your data backed up twice in separate locations, ensuring that even if a hard disk failure did happen, your files would be protected.

Access to our privately owned data center is restricted to Cloud My Office employees, all of whom have undergone rigorous security checks. Any independent contractors entering our offices do so under the constant monitoring of a company escort. The bottom line is, you can be sure your data’s safe with us.

Flexible Support for Modern Professionals

A virtual desktop for a Mac computer is the ideal cloud computing solution for multitasking managers, freelancers, telecommuters and anyone else whose career requires flexible computing options. Cloud My Office makes it easy to keep your data synched across multiple locations, meaning you’ll always have the latest version of a file on hand.

If your work takes you beyond the confines of a traditional office, why settle for an outdated data storage solution? With a virtual desktop for Mac products, you can take advantage of truly elastic cloud computing that meets the needs of today’s most demanding professionals.