Experience the Flexibility of a Linux Virtual Desktop From Cloud My Office

Linux users know how important it is to have customizable computing solutions that can be adapted to your needs. Consider simplifying your home or business IT infrastructure with a cloud-based Linux virtual desktop from Cloud My Office. We specialize in building custom hosted desktop solutions that fully integrate cross-platform compatibility and give you the freedom to access your data from anywhere on earth.

Secure Linux Computing on the Go!

With a Linux virtual desktop from Cloud My Office, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is secure, wherever you are. All data on our servers is backed up to an offsite array of RAID 10 hard disks, stored in a secured location where access is restricted to Cloud My Office employees who have undergone an extensive security check and contractors who are escorted and monitored at all times.

Work Remotely With Cross-platform Compatibility

With a remote desktop from Cloud My Office, you’ll have access to your files and applications no matter where in the world you are. Our hosted desktops are fully compatible across multiple platforms, meaning your Linux virtual desktop is available to you whether you’re working on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Ideal for business applications, Cloud My Office gives your staff the ability to work remotely without compromising data integrity.

Green Technology Saves You Money!

Did we mention Cloud My Office can reduce your energy usage? For business applications, switching to a virtual server can lower your utility costs by as much as 80%. On our end, we only keep the hardware we need booted up, which keeps our own offices running as green as possible.

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