How A Remote Desktop Connection Can Help Your Business

Businesses everywhere are realizing the value of switching to a remote desktop connection. Cloud My Office offers industry-leading solutions to take your computing to the cloud! Here are just a few of the reasons why businesses are using our remote desktop connection software:

  • Save money: Eliminate the expense of maintaining your own IT resources. With Cloud My Office, all you need is an internet connection to access all your files, applications and other data. Your utility costs will decrease, too!
  • Collaborate remotely: With cloud computing, it’s easy to share data, even if your office has multiple locations, salespeople in the field or remote contractors. Any internet-compatible device can be a remote desktop connection client, including smartphones and tablet PCs, regardless of whether they’re running iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Fast and flexible IT management: With Cloud My Office remote desktop connection software, you can add new employees or make other changes with just the click of a button. No messy IT administration or purchasing new hardware.
  • Future-proof your technology: We handle all server, software and security upgrades, so you never have to worry about whether or not your systems will be able to handle the latest updates. Get more out of your existing hardware with Cloud My Office!

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How Cloud My Office Outperforms Our Competitors

With so many remote desktop providers vying for your business, why choose Cloud My Office? Not only are our products priced lower than our competitors, we’re leading the way in a number of other key areas, as well:

  • Industry-leading security: Your data is safe with us! Our data center is protected by Cisco Systems firewalls offering up to 256 bit encryption. Physical Access access to our servers is limited to Cloud My Office employees, all of whom have undergone extensive security checks. And if you’re in an industry with specific privacy requirements, we can tailor private desktop solutions for HIPAA and PCI compliance.
  • Ultra-redundant data storage: As a Cloud My Office remote desktop connection client, you can rest easy knowing your data is stored on ultra-redundant RAID 10 hard disk arrays. We also offer off-site backup as well. We’re committed to making sure you have access to your data whenever you need it, and we even offer an industry-leading 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Flexible cloud computing: It’s never been easier to take your business to the cloud! With remote IT management, you can stay connected with your employees no matter where you are in the world.
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