VDI Solutions

Cloud My Office offers a variety of VDI solutions designed to fit any and all business needs. Our VDI as a service enables your IT department to scale with increased computer and network demand without requiring additional expertise on staff.

Regardless of what you need for your VDI desktops, Cloud My Office makes deploying a VDI solution at your office easy and painless. Below are some of the different hosted desktop VDI solutions that we commonly deploy.

Complete Hosted IT Infrastructures

The most common VDI solution that we deploy is a full hosted IT infrastructure for companies that want to move everything to the cloud. Customers that are looking for this type of solution typically get the best value for moving to VDI virtual desktops as they are adopting a single IT platform for their business.

Most of our customers require the use of various software applications outside of the standard Microsoft Office applications. Cloud My Office can install practically any application on our infrastructure and connect it with your VDI desktop. In the past we have worked with our customers to deploy custom application servers for applications like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Sharepoint and many others.

These types of deployments involve an orchestrated deployment effort by Cloud My Office engineers to move all company data and applications to our infrastructure. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual desktop deployment services.

Single Application Hosting

Many customers only want to host a single application on their hosted VDI in order to improve the “mobility” of an application. Single application hosting is great for businesses who want to gain access to a Windows application via a variety of mobile devices like smartphones, iPads and Android tablets.

Cloud My Office serves as the perfect platform to install a single application for distribution to your world wide user base. Our VDI as a service offering can turn practically any installable application into a web-based application that can be delivered to a variety of internet connected devices.

Turn Key VDI

Cloud My Office specializes in developing custom hosted virtual desktop deployment plans to fit your exact business needs. Our VDI solutions are flexible, affordable and backed by our team of VDI experts. Our turn-key VDI in a box type solution that makes it easy for business to move to the cloud!