Partner Program Account Administration

Managing your cloud service provider account with Cloud My Office is easy using our web based administration panel. Using the admin panel you can provide fast and effective end user support. Some of the features of our service provider admin panel include:

  • Create new users – Create single users or import a CSV file of multiple users to easily provision new user hosted desktops.
  • Change user passwords – Reset individual user password and force password changes. Users can even go through a self-service password reset on their own saving you time!
  • Delete and lock out users – With just a few mouse clicks you can lock users out of accessing their virtual desktop.
  • Grant application or network share access to individuals or groups of users.
  • Set a users default printer and modify which network printer user permissions.
  • View, sort, filter and download user login history.
  • Create, rename and grant access to network share drives, you can even modify which letter the drive uses!
  • Optionally filter and log web traffic for individual users. Logging and filtering of web traffic is not enabled by default on Cloud My Office and is not required.
  • See all active user sessions connected to Cloud My Office servers and kick users off the server from the web admin panel.
  • Easily filter and sort all data in the web admin panel.
  • Reboot, format, and upgrade private Cloud Servers associated with your account.
  • Add IP addresses to your private Cloud Servers.


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