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Onsite Appliance VDI Partner Program

Are you a managed service provider that has focused on deploying onsite hardware for your customers? Are you looking for a way to get into selling cloud solutions but you don’t want your customer’s current infrastructure to go to waste? Becoming a Cloud My Office Onsite VDI Appliance Partner is a great way to give your customers the benefits of the cloud while enjoying the security of and onsite-device solution.

Our VDI Appliance is a great solution for customers who have limited bandwidth or are subject to regulatory requirements that mandate that their data be stored onsite. You can even elect to backup the entire VDI appliance to the cloud for easy recovery in the event of a disaster at a customers location.

Check out some of our highlighted features for the Cloud My Office Onsite VDI Appliance Partner Program below or contact us to schedule a demonstration of the Cloud My Office Onsite VDI Appliance.

  • Onsite-device solution

    Deploy VDI hardware onsite at a customer’s location.

  • Easy Integration with Existing Infrastructure

    The Cloud My Office VDI Appliance can easily integrate whit existing Active Directories, file servers, Exchange environments etc.

  • Priced per user per month

    The VDI Appliance is priced on a low per user per month price basis, giving you the visibility into the total cost of ownership of an Appliance.

  • 100% Managed Solution

    Even though the Appliance is deployed at a customer’s office, Cloud My Office still provides all management needed to keep the customer’s VDI Appliance up and running.

  • Managed Deployment Services

    For larger deployments, Cloud My Office can provide managed deployment services to help your team install and configure a VDI Appliance.

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