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VDI Software Partner Program

Are you looking to spin up your own virtual desktop infrastructure but don’t want to spend the time engineering the solution from scratch? Our VDI Software License Partner Program provides you with all of the software licenses and expertise to create your own VDI product in a matter of days. Our Software License comes with full support for the complete VDI product so that you don’t have to worry about maintaining the infrastructure or training your staff on VDI management best practices.

The VDI Software License Program is great for managed service providers that own and operate their own data centers and are looking to expand their product offering to DaaS or VDI. You bring the hardware and we bring the expertise and easy as pie, you have yourself a functioning VDI product!

Below are some of the features of our VDI Software that we think are particularly cool, for an in-person or web demonstration of our VDI software please contact us and member of our team will be in touch shortly!

  • Turn-key VDI Product

    The Cloud My Office VDI management software helps you spin up a VDI product in a matter of days. We do everything for you from the installation to testing.

  • 100% Branded DaaS Product

    Brand your VDI product with your logo, domain name and anything else you can think of, our VDI Software is customized to fit your specific branding and marketing requirements.

  • Priced per user per month

    Cloud My Office VDI software is priced on a low per user per month price basis, giving you the visibility into the total cost of ownership of your VDI product.

  • 100% Managed Solution

    We provide all the maintenance and support needed to keep your virtual desktop infrastructure up and running inside of your data center.

  • Integrate with other hosting products

    The Cloud My Office VDI Software can be configured to integrate with your other existing hosting products including existing Active Directories, Email services, SharePoint and more!

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