Connect from Anywhere, Connect from Anything!

Connect to your virtual desktop from any device in the world. Regardless of where you are or what you are using you can always access your hosted virtual desktop.

  • Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

  • Windows Devices (Windows mobile devices, PC)

  • Android Phones and tablets

  • Linux computers

Connect Devices to the Cloud

Hosted Virtual Desktop Features

With Cloud My Office virtual desktops you can do everything you do on a normal desktop computer and more! Hosted virtual desktops guarantee accessibility, security and redundancy of all of your most critical files and information. Using hosted desktops you have secure access to your business computing environment from any Internet connected device in the world! Our software is designed to allow this amazing access all without sacrificing performance.

Deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure the way you want. With Cloud My Office you have the flexibility to use VDI in the cloud or deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure in your office by using our VDI Appliance. We manage hardware and software upgrades for free with all of the solutions provided by Cloud My Office. And it is all guaranteed with our industry-leading service level agreement — up to 100%!

Hosted Virtual Desktop Tour

Thinking about moving your IT infrastructure up to the cloud but want to know more about the features and benefits first? Check out this tour of Cloud My Office virtual desktops to learn more about our VDI solution.

Your Computer in the Cloud

Your computer, in the cloud

Virtual desktops move your entire computer to the cloud. Applications, data and settings are all stored securely in the cloud so that you can access your computer from any internet connected device in the world.

Printing from the cloud

Easily print from your virtual desktop

Printing and scanning are easy with Cloud My Office. Using our proprietary printing and scanning technology we have made it really easy to print from the cloud to devices on your network. You can even easily control who in your company has access to what printers or scanners.

Learn more about our seamless cloud printing when using the Cloud My Office Print Box

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Collaborate with remote workers or branch offices easily in the cloud

Easily collaborate with off site workers or branch offices when you’re using a hosted virtual desktops. When everyone works from one system hosted securely in the cloud you are all using the most recent version of files and your data.

No more sending files back and forth using email or having to connect to some slow VPN, everything is easily accessible whenever you need it.


Centralize the management of your IT infrastructure in the cloud

Centralize your IT infrastructure in the cloud with Cloud My Office. Not only do we offer hosted virtual desktops but we can also offer you hosted network share drive, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or other cloud servers. With Cloud My Office you have a single source vendor for all of your IT needs, we even provide support for all of your systems!

  • Microsoft Exchange Hosting

  • Microsoft SharePoint Hosting

  • Microsoft SQL Hosting

  • Onsite IT support

Save money with hosted virtual desktops

Virtual desktops save you money! Most of our customers save 40% on their overall IT budgets! Say goodbye to buying expensive servers and computers, with a virtual desktop you have a low monthly payment for all of your IT services.

Standard onsite IT infrastructure

Expensive computers and servers deployed onsite.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Deployment

Low monthly “utility” cost for IT services when deployed in the cloud.

VDI Uptime Guarantee

Money back guarantee

We guarantee a minimum of 99.9% up-time each month of your virtual desktop or you get money back! We take our up-time guarantee very seriously and have implemented a tremendous number of systems to guarantee that your virtual desktop is always online and accessible.

Deploy VDI the way you want!

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Deploy your VDI / DaaS infrastructure in the cloud, hosted in Cloud My Office’s secure data centers.

Onsite VDI Appliance

Deploy Cloud My Office VDI at your office or data center, seamlessly integrate VDI into your current infrastructure.

Installed VDI Software

Install all of the software required to operate a Cloud My Office virtual desktop infrastructure on your existing servers.

Hosted Virtual Desktop Features

  • Secure Access

    Encrypted communication between your office and the cloud gives your business industry leading security for your hosted virtual desktops.

    More about our cloud security
  • Save Money

    Cloud My Office takes care of all hardware upgrades so you don't have to. Enjoy enterprise grade IT systems using virtual desktops at a price you can afford.

    VDI cost savings
  • Remote Access

    Centralize your IT infrastructure in your own office cloud using hosted Windows desktops. Work from home, the road or the office and have access to all of your files and programs.

    Work from home with VDI
  • Managed Backups

    No more worrying about managing your own backups or storing backup tapes, Cloud My Office manages all backups of your virtual desktop infrastructure for free!

    Virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Easy Collaboration

    Share files easily with your coworkers through Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktops. Enjoy consistent access to all of your most critical files through the cloud!

    Share files with co-workers
  • 100% Up-time

    All virtual desktops are hosted in our ultra redundant data center. We are proud to offer your business up to 100% guaranteed up-time each month for all cloud hosted solutions.

    Guaranteed up-time

Securely access your hosted desktop from any computer

Communication from your computer to your hosted Windows virtual desktop infrastructure is secured using industry standard SSL encryption. We also offer other custom security features like virtual private networks (VPN), private clouds and dedicated servers. Accessing your Windows virtual desktop is easy from any type of computer; our hosted desktops are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux computers or thin clients.

Reduce hardware expenses with a hosted infrastructure

Never buy expensive servers again! By moving to a cloud hosted desktop you minimize hardware purchases and never have to worry about upgrades ever again. We manage and guarantee the speed of the hardware running your Windows virtual desktop cutting the total cost of ownership of your IT systems by upwards of 70%!

Hosted desktops are perfect for distributed offices

Perfect for businesses or distributed organizations, hosted virtual desktops in the cloud allow you to collaborate easily and securely with coworkers. Easily manage file share and network drive permissions for all of your hosted virtual desktops through our easy to use virtual desktop web management portal.

Backup data daily with virtual desktops

Your data is important, that is why we take great care in backing up your data every day. All the data that you store on your hosted virtual desktop is safe and secure in our own private and redundant data center. We even backup your data off site for free!

Easy file sharing between hosted virtual desktops

With Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktops collaborating and sharing files has never been easier!  Users enjoy consistent access to their files and programs wherever they work. No more issues where your users are working off of different file versions or one version of software doesn’t work with another. Everything just works with Cloud My Office.

Industry leading virtual desktop uptime

Cloud My Office has built redundancy into every system within our hosting infrastructure. We are proud to offer you up to 100% guaranteed up time for your hosted virtual desktop. If we don’t meet our uptime guarantee you get money back!