Hosted Virtual Desktop Security… It Doesn’t Get Safer Than This

Cloud My Office is proud to offer you the latest in virtual desktop security. All data hosted with us is stored in our company-owned, private data center. We take extreme precautions to make sure that your data is always available and always secure. From our redundant Cisco firewalls to industry leading virtualization technology with VMWare’s hypervisor, our hosted virtual desktop solution is the best and most secure way to get your office in the cloud.

Private Data Center

Our privately owned data center is among the safest places for your data storage security in cloud computing. We restrict access 24/7/365 to Cloud My Office employees who undergo a rigorous background check before being granted access to the secure areas. With our virtual desktop security features, contractors, are escorted and monitored at all times.

Regulatory Compliance in Cloud Computing Security

Does your industry have special HIPAA or PCI compliance needs? The Cloud My Office engineers have engineered hundreds of cloud computing security solutions in the past. Our significant expertise in network security and regulatory compliance will make your move to the cloud quick, easy and painless. Custom solutions include private VLANs, private cabinets for backups or data storage, private line VPN or MPLS termination and much more. Contact our experienced engineers about online secure data storage today and start using your custom Cloud My Office solution tomorrow.

Cisco Firewalls

Cloud My Office uses only Cisco firewalls, high-end products from the global leader in virtual desktop security. We use up to 256-bit encryption, keys that are changed frequently and many more processes to ensure the integrity of your data. We can handle VPN connections back to your site for backups, print servers or integration with legacy systems. From 1Mb to 10Gb, our internet connections are robust and scalable enough to consistently meet your cloud data security needs.

Redundant RAID 10 Data Storage

At Cloud My Office, we know data protection is an important part of virtual desktop security. All data is stored on RAID 10 hard disk arrays, ensuring the highest level of secure online data storage. Each bit of data is stored two times on our production systems to ensure that in the unlikely event of a hard disk failure, your valuable information is handled transparently. Our arrays are among the fastest in the industry, consisting of at least fifty hard drives per array. We use that many drives to ensure that the heavy load of lots of file accesses doesn’t adversely affect the user experience.

Virtual PCs In the Cloud

There’s little question that hosted virtual desktops are the way of the future. Whether your goal is to lower total cost of ownership, decrease in-house information technology costs or leverage the higher processing power of cloud-based computing, our solution fits the bill.

Green Technology

Cloud My Office is a green technology. We only keep the servers that we need booted up, which means that when you’re not logged in, we’re saving power for you! No worrying about turning off your PC or waiting for it to boot in the morning. Just log off of Cloud My Office at the end of the day and we’ll have your desktop ready to go the next time you need it. Green meets easy.