Cloud My Office Data Center

Data Center

In 2010, Flashpoint, the company behind Cloud My Office desktops, engineered and built a data center specifically for ultra-fast virtual desktop hosting. We’ve got one of the newest and most state of the art data centers in the market, which allows us to deliver a great desktop experience for our Cloud My Office users.

Internet Connectivity

The key to fast cloud desktops is fast internet access. The Cloud My Office data center has several internet connections over diverse fiber paths. We also employ diverse equipment to reduce and eliminate single points of failure. All of this makes accessing your cloud desktop from anywhere in the world at any time as reliable as turning on the lights.

Reliability for Cloud Desktops

A reliable desktop is hard to find in many businesses. Viruses, malware, faulty hardware and outdated operating systems are just a few of the techno epidemics plaguing business today. Cloud My Office can bring reliability back to your computer experience, every day! We manage the entire system including antivirus, anti-malware and program updates, ensuring that you get a fast, smooth cloud desktop experience every day.

Power and Cooling

We maintain N+1 redundancy in power and cooling at all times.


We take the virtual desktop security of our hosted cloud desktops very seriously. All accesses to the Cloud My Office facility are tracked and audited. Flashpoint performs aggressive background checks on all employees before granting security clearance. Outside contractors who are working in the data center are escorted at all times by a full time Cloud My Office employee.