Remote Computing is Easy with Cloud My Office Desktop Virtualization Software

Take the hassle and confusion out of cloud computing with Cloud My Office desktop virtualization software. We make it easy to work remotely, ensuring data integrity while protecting against piracy and data loss. With our innovative software, it’s easy to have all your programs and data at hand, wherever you are in the world.

Mobile-compatible Collaboration

Your office in the cloud can be as flexible as your business. Our virtual desktop software helps you communicate in a way that is as seamless as picking up the phone. Whether you’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, it’s simple to collaborate with partners and co-workers around the globe. Contact us today for a free demo to see for yourself how fast and mobile-friendly our software is.

Safe and Secure Cloud Computing

We’ve heard from many businesses that are reluctant to switch to cloud data storage because they feel it will be less secure than maintaining their own servers. In fact, the opposite is true: your data is safer with us than anywhere else.

With our desktop virtualization software, you can keep tabs on your files remotely. We’ve invested in the highest quality Cisco systems firewalls to protect your data, and we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Your data gets backed up in real time, and we even offer offsite back up as well.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Cloud computing has come a long ways since the days of logging on remotely to an email server. With our virtual desktop software, your files are accessible to you wherever you are. Simply open Cloud My Office’s proprietary software and you’re set — whether you’re at home, at the office or on the road using a mobile device.

Save Money With Cloud Computing Software

Why use resources maintaining your own servers if you don’t need to? Our desktop virtualization software gives you all the advantages of an in-house IT department with none of the drawbacks.

Virtual desktop software from Cloud My Office eliminates the need for expensive IT consultants without giving up control. You’ll still be able to monitor your data remotely, and our tech experts will take care of all security and connectivity concerns. It’s that easy!

Cloud My Office Virtual Desktop Software: Bringing Tokyo to Tehran

These days, even small and medium-sized businesses are adapting to an increasingly connected world. As a global marketplace creates more opportunities for your company, your data management needs to adapt to take advantage of these new realities.

Imagine meeting clients in Sao Paolo while videoconferencing with a task force in Detroit: with Cloud My Office’s desktop virtualization software, it’s as easy as checking an email. Contact our team today to see how we can make your world a little smaller — and more productive.