HTML5 Virtual Desktop Access

Accessing your corporate IT infrastructure securely does not have to be difficult! Using Cloud My Office you can connected to your hosted virtual desktop right inside of your web browser, no extra software or VPN’s needed!

HTML5 Virtual Desktop Security

Whenever you access a Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktop using our HTML5 desktop delivery your session is secured with SSL encryption. SSL is the same type of encryption used by banks and credit card processors to secure their websites. All commands sent to and from Cloud My Office are encrypted.

Mobile Device Access

Using HTML5 virtual desktop access you can connect to your hosted virtual desktop from your smartphone or tablet. Best of all you don’t need a special app to connect to your desktop, all you need is a web browser!

Secure PHI in the data center

For companies who need to secure Protected Health Information (PHI) or other sensitive information, HTML5 virtual desktops offer a great solution where all important information is stored securely in the data center. Using a virtual desktop all of your information stays in the data center and is never stored on end-user devices keeping your data safe from theft.