Your Office in the Cloud: Revolutionzing How You do Business

Hosted virtual desktops in your office cloud

Revolutionize the way you manage your network and computers by moving your office to the cloud! Using hosted virtual desktops, your office gains all the virtualization benefits of cloud computing while simultaneously cutting the costs of managing IT. Hosted virtual desktops allow you to run your applications, store your files and save your settings securely in your office in the cloud. All of your data is safe and secure in our private company-owned, ultra redundant data center. Hosted virtual desktops in your private office cloud, allow users to access their files from any computer or device with an Internet connection. You can even access your desktop and all of your files from an iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Cloud Computing For The Modern Office

Gone are the days of buying expensive computer hardware to future proof your IT investment with hosted virtual desktops for your office cloud. Using Cloud My Office you only pay for what you need. We provide you true elastic cloud computing resources for your office. When new employees start, you can quickly provision them space in your cloud from our easy to use web management interface. You can even control application and network share drive permissions!

A Cloud Office as Flexible As Your Business

We know that, for many businesses, one-size-fits-all office clouds are not an ideal solution. Your business has specific data needs, and your office cloud should address them. If you have specific security requirements, software applications or storage capacity needs, we can help. At Cloud My Office, your office cloud is completely customizable. Our engineers are standing by to help you configure your office cloud and hosted virtual desktops to get your business up and running immediately.

Elastic Capacity – new users instantly

Create new users instantly through Cloud My Office’s online management portal.  No waiting, pure 100% elastic virtual desktop capacity!

Ultra Redundant – virtual desktop storage

Data hosted in your office cloud is backed up daily.  We even store backup copies of your data off site for extra security.

Remote Access – to your office cloud

Your office cloud can be securely accessed from any device with an Internet connection.  Enjoy the same desktop experience and file access from anywhere in the world.

Zero Downtime – always on and accessible

Cloud My Office is passionate about providing you with a service that is always on and always fast.  Our redundant systems keep your cloud up and running all the time.

Complete Control – of your office cloud

Easily control and customize your office cloud using our online management portal.  Managing application and network share permissions has never been easier.

Flexible Software – hosted on your cloud

Cloud My Office offers affordable, month-to-month software licenses of all Microsoft applications.  We also host custom applications at a price that does not break the bank.

Virtual Desktop Capacity when you need it

No more waiting for a computer to arrive when new employees start; with Cloud My Office, new hosted desktop environments are provisioned instantly.  Cloud My Office gives your users full featured access to applications and files immediately.

Data Security and Redundancy in the cloud

All data hosted with Cloud My Office is safe and secure in our own private data center.  Our data center has redundancy built into every system.  Cloud My Office guarantees up to 100% up-time for all of our hosted cloud services.  We even offer free daily off site backups to guarantee that data you store with Cloud My Office is never lost.

Distributed offices in the cloud and remote access

Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktops are available anywhere, anytime from any computer or device with an Internet connection.  With Cloud My Office you have the same access to applications and files at home or on the road that you do at the office.  When your office lives in the cloud, you enjoy guaranteed availability and performance of your hosted Windows desktop.

Access your virtual desktop 24/7/365

Always on, accessible, fast and secure; Windows Virtual desktops in the cloud are the best way to guarantee computer up time and reliability for your business.  Because all virtual desktop data is stored in the cloud your hosted desktop environment can be accessed securely from any computer with an Internet connection.  

Office cloud easy permission management

From our easy to use web management portal you can control everything about your office cloud.   Our intuitive drag and drop user interface allows you to create new users, grant application permission, and even sign up for custom features easily from our website.

Flexible Microsoft licenses when your office is in the cloud

Enjoy flexible licensing options with Cloud My Office.  We offer month-to-month licensing for all of the latest Microsoft applications.  No need to shell out hundreds of dollars for software that you don’t know if you will need in three months. With Cloud My Office, you can add or remove licenses to your hosted virtual desktop at any time.

Delivering hosted applications through your office cloud

Use the cloud to deploy consistent application experiences across your distributed office. Cloud My Office application delivery delivers single applications to Internet connected devices securely and reliably. A perfect solution for augmenting your current IT setup, hosted applications deployed through the cloud look and feel like installed applications on user computers. Great for applications that need to communicate with a central server, hosted applications guarantee consistent communication with your databases, keeping your data safe and secure in our hosted infrastructure.

Hosted applications can be deployed to any computer or device of any operating system, meaning you can run Windows applications from your iPad, Android device or Mac! Hosted applications are prefect for distributed offices, franchises or affiliate companies who need guaranteed access to their applications and data.