Reliable, Secure Virtual Desktop Architecture: VDI Desktops designed with your business in mind

Our virtual desktop infrastructure was built with businesses in mind. A true enterprise grade hosting system, Cloud My Office hosted VDI offers many features that distinguish us from both onsite hosting infrastructures and our other hosted VDI competitors.

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Real Time Data Backups

Cloud My Office takes data storage seriously; not only do we store your data on ultra reliable storage devices but we also backup your data in near real time, every 5 minutes to be exact. Backup data is stored on separate hard drives and even separate locations if you like to ensure that your virtual desktop infrastructure is always accessible and fast.

User Friendly Virtual Desktop Interface

We have spent countless hours working on streamlining the user interface for our virtual desktop environment. Using Cloud My Office you can easily connect to your hosted virtual desktop through our secure login page, connecting is as simple as entering in your user name and password. We have even made a web based VDI admin panel that gives you the control to create new user accounts and even manage user permissions.

Citrix VDI

Citrix software is one of the major driving forces behind our Virtual Desktop architecture. At Cloud my Office, we use the battle tested Citrix XenApp platform to deliver our hosted VDI solution. Using Citrix for our VDI solution has improved the speed, reliability and ease of use of our hosted desktops for our end users.

Private and Secure Datacenter

At the heart of our virtual desktop architecture is our company owned and 100% private datacenter. While our competitors host their servers in datacenters where many different companies have access, we host Cloud My Office in our private data center so that we can guarantee the security of your virtual desktop infrastructure. Our datacenter boasts many redundant systems all monitored remotely like redundant internet connections, UPS and generator backed power, security camera systems, and redundant cooling systems.

A virtual desktop infrastructure that enables your mobile workforce

Our virtual desktop infrastructure was designed to enable seamless access to files and applications like never before. By centralizing your desktop infrastructure in the Cloud with Cloud My Office, members of your team have seamless access to your virtual desktop environment from around the world. Using Cloud My Office, you can even access your cloud desktop on mobile devices like iPad, iPhones and Android devices.