Why Cloud My Office VDI?

Cost Effective

VDI does not have to break the bank! Most of our clients find that with a proper hosted virtual desktop implementation that they can save between 20% and 40% on their overall IT budget.

Secure PHI in the Data Center

Using VDI, PHI is no longer stored on employee devices. Cloud My Office even has built in tools to manage, secure and remotely wipe mobile devices that are lost in the field.

Centralize a decentralized network

Cloud My Office web-based VDI admin panel gives you the control to centrally deploy and manage your virtual desktop infrastructure no matter where your end users work.

IT Force Multiplication

We take care of backups, virus protection updates, virtual desktop security, operating system upgrades and much more! This gives you time to focus on the bigger picture strategic initiatives that help push your company forward!

Grow Elastically

Cloud My Office scales with you as you grow. Easily provision new user accounts, additional network share drive space, and email accounts right in our control panel.

VDI Free Trial

Seeing is believing, singup to try out a Cloud My Office virtual desktop for free!

Information on how to connect to your free trial will be sent to your email in the next 24 hours. If you don’t receive our welcome email please be sure to check your junk folder.

What makes us different

We have the best hosted VDI solution out there, we know that once you take our free trial for a spin you will see where we are coming from!

    • Fast Performance

      Get ready for the blazing fast speeds of Cloud My Office! All of our desktop servers are dedicated physical machines with graphics cards and solid state drives.

    • HTML5 Access

      Access your virtual desktop using just an HTML5 compatible browser. This makes it easy for your users to connect wherever they are.

    • Worldwide Access

      Securely connect to your cloud desktop from anywhere in the world! All you need is an internet connection and your files and applications are at your fingertips!

    • Easy Administration

      Easily control all the settings related to your company’s virtual desktops by using our web-based admin panel. Our admin panel gives you the options you need to customize your hosted VDI solution.