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Onsite VDI Appliance

Do you like the idea of the cloud but don’t want to host your data outside of your office or company’s data center? The Cloud My Office Appliance is the solution you have been waiting for! Deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure at your office or data center while still enjoying the flexibility, and cost savings you get in the cloud.

The Cloud My Office virtual desktop Appliance is the perfect solution for customers who have limited bandwidth or are subject to regulatory requirements that require that their data be stored onsite. We even offer disaster recovery backup to one of our secure data centers so that you can even have offsite backup included in your price.

Check out some of our highlighted features for the Cloud My Office Onsite VDI Appliance below or contact us to schedule a demonstration of the Cloud My Office Onsite Virtual Desktop Appliance.

  • Onsite VDI Appliance solution

    Deploy VDI hardware onsite at your office.

  • Integration with your existing infrastructure

    Need to integrate with your existing infrastructure? No problem! Our VDI Appliance can easily integrate with existing Active Directories, file servers, Exchange environments etc.

  • Priced per user per month

    The VDI Appliance is priced on a low per user per month price basis, giving you the visibility into the total cost of ownership of an Appliance.

  • 100% Managed VDI Hardware and Software Solution

    Cloud My Office engineers guarantee the performance of both the servers and software on your VDI appliance, we make sure it is always up and running so that you can work effectively.

  • Managed Virtual Desktop Deployment Services

    For larger deployments, Cloud My Office can provide managed deployment services to help your team install and configure a VDI Appliance to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure.

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More on the VDI Appliance

100% Guaranteed VDI Appliance Hardware

The Cloud My Office Appliance comes with a 100% hardware guarantee. We provide all the hardware you need to setup a virtual desktop infrastructure in your office or data center. We even provide hardware replacements for as long as your are a Cloud My Office Appliance customer. Best of all, Cloud My Office hardware is included in your low monthly user price!

Easily scale virtual desktop user accounts

Is your company going through a period of expansion right now? The Cloud My Office Appliance makes it really easy to add user accounts, cloud servers and storage to your infrastructure. You can add users by entering a users name / email address and the user account is automatically provisioned. It’s just that easy! Cloud My Office monitors your Appliance remotely and will proactively ship you new server hardware when your Appliance is running out of space. Don’t worry about expensive infrastructure scaling anymore!

Integration your Virtual Desktop Appliance with your existing infrastructure

Already have an existing onsite IT infrastructure or other cloud services that your company uses? No problem! The Cloud My Office Appliance can integrate with your existing Active Directory and fits in perfectly into your existing network setup. Just walk through our easy-to-use setup wizard to configure your Appliance to work exactly the way you want.

Automatic Backup and Recovery to the Cloud

So having an onsite virtual desktop infrastructure is great and everything but what happens if something terrible happens at your office (extended power outage, flood, tornado, zombies attack, etc.)? With the Cloud My Office Appliance, you have nothing to worry about. Your Cloud My Office Appliance constantly replicates all data stored on the device to the cloud for easy recovery of your most critical business data. The Appliance gives you the freedom to have the ability to turn on your complete IT infrastructure in the cloud!