Cloud My Office Admin Panel Demo

This video show you everything you need to know about adding applications to your company’s license pool and adding user to apps. Permissions are easy to manage using Cloud My Office, no more waiting for programs to install, everything is ready to go!

Manage User Permissions

After you log in to the admin panel located at, you’ll see your list of users on the left, and the apps you have licenses for on the right. In order for a user to be able to use an app, you have to add them to that app group. Add a user to the app group by dragging that user into the app group you need.

Remove User From Apps

The user will now have access to the app the next time they log in to their desktop. You can view who has access to an app by clicking on that app. In the list of users, you can click on the ‘x’ to remove that user’s access.

Adding Applications

Clicking on the ‘License Pool’ link at the top of the page lists the number of each license you’ve purchased, and your costs for each license.

To add a new license click the “Add License” row and select your new license.

Click the Save button to purchase your new licenses. If there is a license price associated with the apps you selected we will automatically bill the credit card you have on file with us. If you’re using PayPal, we’ll email you an invoice to be paid.

Now, if we go back to our Users view, we can see our new apps. Now we can add a user to those apps to give access to them. Remember, you need one license for every user you’d like to have in an app group.

And that’s how easy it is to manage your users and licenses with Cloud My Office. If you need any help, please contact us at