VDI for Universities


Modern students need access to university technology wherever they are on whatever device they connect from. Cloud My Office VDI provides a robust, affordable and easy-to-manage virtual desktop solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing technology infrastructure.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Students use all sorts of different devices in class and Cloud My Office works on all of them! Whether using a tablet, smartphone or laptop – Cloud My Office virtual desktops are accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection.

  • iPads and iPhones

  • Android Phones and Tablets

  • Macbooks

  • Chromebooks

  • Windows Computers

Easy VDI image and permission management

Using Cloud My Office's web-based control panel, you can easily customize different desktop images and application permissions giving you the control and flexibility you need in a virtual desktop environment.

  • create-new-user
  • install-applications
  • vdi-printer-control
  • vdi-user-control-panel


Elastic pricing and concurrent user licensing

Only pay for what you need! With Cloud My Office you can take advantage of concurrent user pricing and the ability to scale your infrastructure transparently.

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CMS, Active Directory and LDAP integration

Do you want to integrate your virtual desktop environment with your existing CMS, AD or LDAP infrastructure? Cloud My Office integrates seamlessly with your existing authentication systems so students don’t have to remember yet another password. Cloud My Office can even automatically provision user accounts and set application permissions based on group membership in your CMS, AD or LDAP systems.


Custom interface styling

With Cloud My Office you can white-label your virtual desktop infrastructure to present a consistent brand and image to your students. During your on-boarding process you will have the opportunity to customize the look and feel of the following:

  • Login screen logo

  • Desktop background

  • Login page URL

  • Support phone number

  • Terms of Service


Virtual computer lab deployment options

Cloud hosted virtual computer lab

Hosting your virtual desktop infrastructure for student computing in the cloud makes a lot of sense for universities looking to limit their investment in onsite hardware. Cloud My Office offers hosting, deployment, backup, and management of your complete virtual computer lab environment. We deploy a private virtual desktop infrastructure for you in the cloud that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and is customizable to fit the needs of your professors and students.

Onsite Virtual Computer Lab Appliance

DThe Cloud My Office VDI appliance is the perfect solution for universities who want or need to keep their virtual desktop infrastructure onsite but don’t want to worry about the hassles of managing another new system. Our onsite virtual desktop environment is a turnkey hardware and software solution that make deploying a virtual computer lab easy and affordable. The Cloud My Office team takes care of all management and integration of your VDI appliance into your network.