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Turnkey VDI Software

Deploying a virtual desktop infrastructure is complex. And when you want to deploy a system that grows with you it gets even more complex. Cloud My Office has made it easy to deploy your own virtual desktop infrastructure on your servers by using our VDI Software suite of applications.

Our VDI software is designed to take the guess work out of deploying and managing a virtual desktop infrastructure. Using our virtual desktop management software it only takes a matter of minutes to complete a VDI deployment customized to your exact specifications. The Cloud My Office virtual desktop management software even comes with our advanced web-based admin tools that makes it easy to maintain and scale your infrastructure after deployment.

  • Turn-key Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

    Our virtual desktop infrastructure management software gives you the tools and access to Cloud My Office experts required to create your own VDI service in just a few days!

  • Your servers, our software

    Deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure on your servers using our VDI management software. Easily integrate your VDI with your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Affordably priced per user per month

    Cloud My Office VDI management software is priced based on your usage. You get an easy-to-understand invoice monthly based on your provisioned user accounts.

  • 100% Managed Solution

    Even though your VDI infrastructure is deployed on your servers in your facility, we still stand behind our product! Included in your per-user-per-month fee is all of the management time needed to keep your virtual desktop infrastructure operational!

  • Integrate with other hosting solutions

    The Cloud My Office VDI Software can be configured to integrate with other systems hosted internally or externally so that you have one seamless user experience.

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More on our VDI Management Software

Turnkey VDI Deployed on your Servers

With the Cloud My Office virtual desktop software you can deploy a full Citrix XenApp virtual desktop infrastructure on your existing servers. We will even make recommendations of what new equipment you should be buying to optimize your VDI performance.

Web-based Administration of your virtual desktop infrastructure

Our VDI management software comes bundled with our web-based provisioning and control panel system. With our web control panel you can easily create users, network share drives and permission groups. You can even modify specific user settings so that you have granular control of your user accounts. Cloud My Office virtual desktop management software gives you the ability to grant admin permissions to your customers so that they have the ability to provision new user accounts right from your website!

Easily Deploy a Citrix XenApp infrastructure in minutes

Deploying a complete Citrix XenApp VDI system has never been easier! With the Cloud My Office VDI management software, you can have a complete VDI infrastructure deployed in minutes. Our VDI management software automates the setup of the most complex and tedious aspects of a VDI infrastructure to make the deployment completely turnkey.

Host your own DaaS

Are you a cloud service provider? Do you want to host your own VDI / DaaS infrastructure as a service to your clients? The Cloud My Office VDI software is the perfect solution for you! You can install our management suite of applications on your servers in your data center have have a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure up and running in a matter of minutes! Check out our partner programs for different software and hosting options for cloud service provider partners.