Thin Client and Hosted Virtual Desktops

What is a thin client? A thin client is a small network connected device that brokers the connection between you and a hosted virtual desktop session. Thin clients often take the place of standard desktop computers in a hosted virtual desktop deployment. Check out the sections below to learn more about our thin client solutions.

Thin Client Hardware

Thin clients are typically small low powered computers that are designed to leverage the power of a hosted virtual desktop to do the “heavy lifting” for the person using the hosted desktop session. A thin client solution typically costs about half (or less) than the cost of a typical desktop computer. These devices typically do not have any hard drive storage meaning that all data must be stored securely in your Cloud My Office account.

Thin client computing hardware is also ultra energy efficient. These devices use about 80% less power than standard desktop computers. Cutting your power consumption by 80% can cut upwards of $8 per computer per month off of your power bill!

Thin Client Software Solutions

Cloud My Office thin clients run our open source thin client software developed by Cloud My Office engineers. Our thin client software was designed to be easy to use from an end user perspective and easy for Cloud My Office engineers to support. Our thin client solutions have remote support tools build right into the operating system which allows our support staff to quickly and easily support our customers remotely.

Additionally our thin client software was designed to be immune to all computer viruses. Every time one of our thin clients reboots, a fresh version of the software installed automatically from our thin client server. If you ever have an issue with your thin client, reboot it and it restores itself back to a factory fresh install!

Easy Deployments and Configuration

New hardware deployments are easy with our thin client solutions. Gone are the days of installing software and operating system patches on individual computers, Cloud My Office thin clients come pre-installed with all the software that you need. All you need to do is plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse and you are ready to go!

Thin client maintenance after an installation is complete is extremely easy. Our thin client server automatically pushes out operating system upgrades as they become available. Thin clients practically eliminate all onsite network maintenance when using a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure.