Cloud Services Pricing

There are a variety of definitions of the cloud that are used in modern lingo. Often times the term “cloud” used to describe products or services that are as different as cats and dogs. Our cloud services pricing is explained in more detail below and on related product pages for both our hosted VDI and virtual private servers.

Cloud Services

Here at Cloud My Office, we offer cloud services that fit into two major types of services: hosted virtual desktop (or desktop as a service) and hosted virtual servers. We use virtual desktops and cloud servers together to provide businesses and organizations with a 100% hosted enterprise grade IT infrastructure.

In addition to providing hosting for virtual desktops and cloud servers we also provide a number of different options for other services like managed IT services and support, but we will cover that in more detail later.

Checkout individual virtual desktop or cloud server pages to learn more the pricing of our cloud services. If you have any questions about our cloud services pricing or would like a custom quote please contact us onn the form below or call 1-855-45-CLOUD.

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Desktop as a Service

Hosted desktops, also known as VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) or desktop as a service, are cloud services offered by Cloud My Office which centralize data storage and application hosting in our secure and redundant data center. VDI is a great service for businesses looking to improve IT system reliability while cutting costs associated with owning an IT infrastructure.

Hosted virtual desktops are ideal for businesses and organizations that have multiple office locations or have the need to work from home or on the road. Our cloud services pricing, specifically for our desktop as a service offerings very affordable; and better our virtual desktops are secure and reliable. Using Cloud My Office hosted desktops will revolutionize your IT department!

Hosted Virtual Servers

We use hosted virtual servers, sometimes called cloud servers, along with your hosted virtual desktops is the best way to get your business’ custom applications up and running in the Cloud. Many of our customers use our cloud servers as private database or application servers which drive their industry specific applications.

The combination of our desktop as a service and hosted virtual servers makes our cloud services the best in the business! Contact us today to learn about how your business can streamline your IT department by moving to a cloud infrastructure with Cloud My Office!