Mission Healthcare Case Study

Mission Healthcare is a fast-growing home health care provider headquartered in San Diego, California. They currently operate locations all across southern California and employ over 750 people with plans to expand to several hundred more employees in the next few years. Mission Healthcare needed a reliable, secure and fast cloud hosting infrastructure to support their rapid expansion. Mission Healthcare turned to Cloud My Office to move their office to the cloud using Cloud My Office’s secure hosted virtual desktop platform.

Migration: A Seamless and Worry Free Move to the Cloud

Being a healthcare provider, Mission Healthcare could not afford to be offline, even during the migration process. Cloud My Office worked with Mission Healthcare staff to orchestrate a complex cloud migration that minimized downtime and kept critical systems online during the migration process.

The Cloud My Office team kept to a strict migration schedule and was able to finish the migration process earlier than expected. Cloud My Office was able to adapt to any road blocks during the migration process.
Mission Healthcare

Mission Healthcare and Cloud My Office staff identified the priority of every system used by Mission Healthcare staff and designed a migration schedule around those priorities, focused on minimizing the impact to critical business operations. Cloud My Office was able to complete the deployment ahead of schedule even in the face of roadblocks from third party cloud providers.

Cost Effective: Reducing IT Budgets by Moving to Cloud My Office

Mission Healthcare was no stranger to the cloud; they were using a different virtual desktop provider for several years prior to their move to Cloud My Office. Cutting costs while improving performance is almost always impossible to do. Cloud My Office was able to do just that:

Our end users love the new virtual desktop.

Mission Healthcare

Not only did users enjoy a faster and more intuitive user experience using Cloud My Office, but Mission Healthcare was able to save 40% on their overall IT budget. Cloud My Office’s medical cloud product has streamlined both budgets and work efficiency at Mission Healthcare.

Expert Support and Fast Response Times

Having a fast hosted virtual desktop infrastructure for a medical cloud deployment is only half the battle; the support team must also be top notch in order to have a well rounded VDI solution. The team of experts at Cloud My Office has been ultra-responsive to the configuration change requests of Mission Healthcare.

Cloud My Office is a stellar company whose customer service is top notch.
Mission Healthcare

Cloud My Office also proactively supports all of Mission Healthcare’s information technology needs, providing a tier 3
support group when needed. The team of expert cloud engineers at Cloud My Office has made suggestions regarding how best to configure and operate Mission Healthcares onsite network infrastructure. Properly configured on-site network infrastructure is critical to a smooth and reliable operation of the cloud desktop. This proactive approach to solving issues results in an even faster virtual desktop experience exceeding Cloud My Offices already high standards for performance.

Healthcare Cloud: How Can VDI Benefit Your Organization

Using a hosted virtual desktop infrastructure from Cloud My Office in a healthcare setting has great upside potential for medical providers, healthcare management organizations and medical billing agencies. Using the Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktop service, Mission Healthcare was able to increase their service reliability, decrease the mean time to resolution for issues, and reduce their IT budget.

Leveraging the Cloud My Office platform, healthcare IT departments will be more nimble and responsive to the needs of their users. Healthcare agencies can decrease their IT costs, lower overall capital expenditures and secure mission critical data in the Cloud My Office system.


Moving Your Business to the Cloud.

Cloud My Office makes it easy to move your business data and applications to the cloud. Deploying a new virtual desktop infrastructure could not be easier User accounts are created instantly, no more waiting days to login; Cloud My Office desktop hosting is ready as soon as you are! 

Cloud My Office is proud to offer a hosted virtual desktop service that is extremely reliable and secure. Our engineers built our infrastructure to protect against all security threats and hardware failures that are possible with cloud desktop hosting. Cloud My Office has in every system in our network an industry leading uptime guarantee.