Give Your Small Business the Competitive Edge with Cloud My Office

It’s no secret small and local businesses face more competition now than ever before. Big box stores and other national chains are making it increasingly difficult to turn a profit.

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve been looking for ways to reduce your overhead. Yet, you need to do so without compromising your ability to give your customers the excellent service they’ve come to expect from you. With Cloud My Office cloud solutions for small business, you’ll not only save money, you’ll increase your overall efficiency, too — just what you need to gain a competitive edge in the market!


Safe & Secure Cloud Computing for Your Small Business, Guaranteed!

As a small business owner, you’re used to having complete control over all your business operations. Switching to a cloud-based IT system won’t change that at all.

You’ll still be able to monitor your data remotely, and making changes to your system configuration — whether it’s to add a new employee account or manage drive share permissions — is easier than ever using our web-based management application.

Best of all, because we offer real-time backup of all your data to our ultra-redundant offsite storage system, your files, photos and applications will be safer than ever with our small business cloud services.


How Small Business Cloud Services Save You Money

Of course, the industry leading security of Cloud My Office’s cloud solutions for small businesses wouldn’t mean a thing if it didn’t affect your bottom line. With a safe, reliable hosted virtual desktop, you’ll actually save money on your IT costs.

Imagine no longer having to pay for upgrades or server maintenance. Imagine getting more use out of your existing computing systems by moving your data and applications online. Imagine saving up to 80% on your utility costs by not constantly running electricity-hungry equipment.

For as little as $35.97 a month per user, Cloud My Office does all this and more. Contact us today for your free demo!


Cloud My Office Gives You the Freedom to Work Remotely

Our small business cloud services make it easy to access your data and applications, wherever you are. This means you’ll never be out of the loop.

With Cloud My Office, you can check email, review sales figures and run management software remotely. Whether it’s on the road or at the beach, as long as you have an internet connection, everything you need to run your business is at your fingertips.


Data Sharing for the Modern Office

Cloud My Office doesn’t just make your life easier for small businesses, it also gives your employees the tools they need to work smarter. Whether you’ve got salespeople in the field, employees who telecommute or multiple locations, it’s easier than ever to share data remotely. At Cloud My Office, we know the modern office is no longer limited to a physical space. Contact us today to see how easy it is to work in the cloud!


Moving Your Business to the Cloud.

Cloud My Office makes it easy to move your business data and applications to the cloud. Deploying a new virtual desktop infrastructure could not be easier User accounts are created instantly, no more waiting days to login; Cloud My Office desktop hosting is ready as soon as you are! 

Cloud My Office is proud to offer a hosted virtual desktop service that is extremely reliable and secure. Our engineers built our infrastructure to protect against all security threats and hardware failures that are possible with cloud desktop hosting. Cloud My Office has in every system in our network an industry leading uptime guarantee.