Managed Services & Solutions

Cloud My Office is proud to offer white label managed hosting solutions and other consulting services to our enterprise customers. When you partner with Cloud My Office, you’ll be able to provide your customers with the full range of benefits that comes with our remote desktop computing solutions, including:

  • industry-leading security and a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • ultra-redundant data storage
  • centralized control over IT infrastructure
  • remote access via iPad, smartphone or tablet PC

As a managed hosting provider, we provide fully customizable hosting solutions and helpdesk support. We’ll use your own domain name, logo and scripting to ensure the end-user experience promotes your brand every step of the way. Contact us today to take advantage of our full range of consulting and managed hosting services!

Custom Applications Delivered Securely

Ensure secure, reliable delivery of your custom windows applications with Cloud My Office. We’ll consult with you to develop managed hosting systems that protect your proprietary data and enable your users to access your applications on the go. With Cloud My Office, your clients will have the freedom to work and collaborate remotely with safe and secure custom application support.

Branded Helpdesk Support

Outsource your technical support with Cloud My Office! We are the cloud computing experts, and we can bring that expertise to managed services including technical support for your clients. Every step of the way, Cloud My Office is committed to providing your clients with expert managed hosting services and support. We’ll adopt your call scripting and branding to provide a seamless experience for your users at a fraction of the cost. Outsource your technical support to a company that truly knows cloud computing – you’ll save money and, in the process, ensure your users get efficient and knowledgeable service.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting Made Easy

When you choose Cloud My Office, you’ll be working with a managed hosting provider that can seamlessly integrate full email functionality into your remote desktop architecture. Our team of engineers is comprised of Microsoft Exchange experts, and we can design a cloud solution that lets you remotely access your email, sync contacts, assign tasks and more. Best of all, our systems are fully compatible across several platforms, including Windows, iOS, Android and more.

Special Reseller Discounts

Unlike other turnkey managed hosting providers, Cloud My Office will work with you to ensure you enjoy the best pricing possible. That includes providing volume discounts that make it easy to grow your business. Talk to our sales team to discover the full range of benefits that comes with a Cloud My Office partnership.

Cloud Server Hosting 

We offer managed cloud services to enterprise clients. Spend more time growing your business without having to worry about IT management and administration – with our enterprise consulting services, we can help you choose a cloud server solution that’s right for your organization. Our expertise includes consulting and business analysis that allow you to get the maximum return on your investment. When you need a managed cloud service provider, look no further than Cloud My Office!

Security Consulting

Maintaining your data integrity is a key component of what we do. We offer consulting on a wide range of cloud security components, including Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and MPLS termination. If you’re in an industry that has specific regulatory requirements for privacy, including HIPAA and PCI compliance, we can help you find cloud computing solutions that meet your needs.

Why Cloud My Office?

What separates Cloud My Office from the countless other managed services providers out there? Simply put, we’ve invested more into our business than anyone else. With a winning combination of advanced technology and industry expertise, we provide the high quality, tailored solutions other managed service providers can’t. From industry-leading security to a team of trained engineers with in-depth knowledge of the IT world, Cloud My Office is your trusted solution. Contact our sales team today for more information about how we can help you!


Customizable Online Virtual Hosting.

Cloud My Office online virtual desktop solutions are 100% customizable. Adding users and software licenses is easy through our web based admin panel. With virtual cloud desktops from Cloud My Office you only pay for the resources and licenses that you need. If you don’t see what you are looking for on our website, call up one of our engineers, we are happy to help you configure your office cloud to your exact specifications.