Frequently Asked Questions

Connecting To Your Hosted Virtual Desktop

How do I log in to my Virtual Desktop?

Follow our Tutorial Blog Post: Login to Your Virtual Desktop

How do you connect to a Virtual Desktop?

Connecting to your hosted virtual desktop is easy; all you have to do is log in to our webpage to launch your desktop or applications hosted with Cloud My Office. Cloud My Office uses Citrix Receiver to securely connect your computer or internet connected device to our servers.

Citrix Receiver can be thought of as the connection broker which enables Cloud My Office to deliver your desktop anywhere in the world. Citrix is known for being the best performing hosted virtual desktop delivery platform available which is why we have centered around the Citrix VDI platform at Cloud My Office.

General Virtual Desktop Hosting Questions

What are some different names for a Virtual Desktop?

Virtual desktops often go by many different names. However, most virtual desktops offer the similar end result of streaming a Windows virtual desktop environment over the internet to a variety of internet-connected devices.

Here at Cloud My Office, we commonly refer to a hosted virtual desktop as VDI or virtual desktop infrastructure, DaaS or desktop as a service or a cloud desktop. All mean the same thing; that we are delivering a desktop computing environment located on our servers in our datacenter to your internet connected device (computer, iPad, Android device etc.) over the internet.

What is a Virtual Desktop?

Imagine that your computer was with you everywhere. We’re not talking about a laptop here; we’re talking about the stuff in your computer: your files and your applications being accessible and usable from any computer or internet connected device in the world. That would be pretty cool right?

Well, we think so! A virtual desktop is a technology that enables your computer and applications to follow you around from device to device in a secure and reliable way. Check out the content below to get the answer to what is a virtual desktop and learn more about desktop virtualization benefits.

What are some benefits of using a Virtual Desktop?

Right after the question “what is a virtual desktop?” is answered the next question is: why use a virtual desktop? There are several desktop virtualization benefits compared to a standard desktop computer infrastructure including faster computer performance managed file backups and improved security/virus protection.

    At Cloud My Office we use the fastest hardware available host our virtual desktop sessions. Latest generation processors combined with solid state hard drives results in the fastest virtual desktop experience available.
    Cloud My Office backups your files every fifteen minutes. We take backups seriously to protect against hardware failures. We can even restore a file that you accidentally deleted or modified.
    Using Cloud My Office you leverage an enterprise-grade hosting infrastructure and all associated security measures. Check out our hosted desktop security page for more details.

How do users print?

  • Printing is the same as with traditional computers and servers. Check out one of our blog posts for more information about printing from the cloud.

How do we migrate our current information over to the cloud?

  • Our technicians will work with you to import your data, applications, and settings into the Cloud My Office environment.

Server & Virtual Desktop Hosting Questions

Are multiple companies sharing the same server?

  • We have private and shared cloud environments available.

Do we have admin access to the server?

  • You have the ability to manage the server via the admin panel.

VDI Security & Backup Questions

What is your uptime?

  • We guarantee 99.99% uptime.

What security do you have in place?

  • We take security very seriously, so we maintain very high security standards including: data encryption, SSL connections, and routinely undergo SOC Audits.

Can there be a local backup?

  • We can provide access to the backup files via FTP for you to download and maintain at your convenience.

Do you provide backups?

  • Yes, we backup your data daily and maintain the backups for a minimum of 30 days.

Software Hosting Questions

What types of applications can be hosted in the virtual desktop?

  • We host virtually any windows based application in our environment.

What operating system will my hosted virtual desktop use?

  • Windows 10

Application Hosting Questions

Do you provide Microsoft office licensing?

  • We can provide Microsoft Office Licensing or you can supply your own.

How are updates managed?

  • We maintain all server and infrastructure backups. Your 3rd party applications can be updated by request.


page updated 3/15/18

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