Features & Benefits of VDI


Virtual Desktop Hosting Benefits:

Cloud My Office is proud to be an industry-leading supplier of remote desktop services to small and medium-sized businesses. We offer fully customizable remote computing solutions that make taking your business to the cloud easy. Contact us today for your free demo!

Safer, Faster, More Cost Effective

Today’s forward-thinking businesses are realizing the value of a cloud hosting provider. As the next step in IT outsourcing, hosted desktop providers save you money while taking the hassle out of maintaining an office computer network. Specifically designed for small-to-medium sized businesses — but scalable to meet any business demand — Cloud My Office’s hosted desktop solutions offer a number of distinct advantages over a conventional network infrastructure.

Increased Security & Managed Backups

Encrypted communication between your office and the cloud, gives your business industry-leading security for your hosted virtual desktops. Hosted virtual desktop providers can offer a level of security and reliability that just can’t be guaranteed with an on-site server. Cloud My Office boasts a 99.9% uptime guarantee, an uptime enjoyed by all our clients. We also back up your data in real time and even offer off-site backup — to prevent the unexpected loss of vital information. No more worrying about managing your own backups or storing backup tapes, Cloud My Office manages all backups of your virtual desktop infrastructure for free!

Improved Performance

By moving all your data and applications to the cloud, you’ll enjoy faster performance of your computers. Not only that, virtual desktop providers such as Cloud My Office, allow you to maximize your existing technology. Rather than having to continually upgrade your computers as your office grows or technology advances, cloud computing solutions are completely scalable, easily accommodating growth. The team at Cloud My Office can configure a virtual desktop infrastructure that meets the exact needs of your business. All virtual desktops are hosted in our ultra redundant data center. We are proud to offer your business up to 99.9% guaranteed up-time each month for all cloud hosted solutions.

Easy Collaboration

Share files easily with your coworkers through Cloud My Office hosted virtual desktops. Enjoy consistent access to all of your most critical files through the cloud!

Working Remotely

Centralize your IT infrastructure in your own office cloud using hosted Windows desktops. Cloud hosting providers give your team the option of working remotely. Work from home, the road or the office and have access to all of your files and programs. Whether you have salespeople in the field, multiple locations or staff who telecommute, Cloud My Office makes it easy to maintain data integrity across several locations — regardless of where you are in the world or whether you’re on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. With Cloud My Office, all you need is an internet connection to access your files and applications.

Saving You Money

Cloud My Office takes care of all hardware upgrades so you don't have to. Enjoy enterprise grade IT systems using virtual desktops at a price you can afford. Best of all, hosted virtual desktop providers save you money. Cloud My Office gives you access to the latest server hardware at a fraction of what you would spend buying it. Not only are you simplifying your IT infrastructure, your hardware costs will decrease too. You’ll no longer need to constantly update your servers and desktop computers. Plus, your computer and server power usage will decrease by as much as 80% as well.

Get More out of Your Existing Hardware

Stop sinking money into upgrades for your office computers just to keep up with the latest software. Cloud My Office’s remote desktop solutions move your files and applications online, meaning there’s less burden on your systems’ hard drives and CPUs. You’ll enjoy the full suite of programs you did before, but with improved performance and no need to invest in so many costly upgrades.

Take Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud My Office is considered a leader among cloud service providers because we offer flexible, cost-effective IT solutions for businesses of all types. If you’re ready to reap the benefits of taking your business to the cloud, contact us today for a free quote. We’ll set you up with an instant web demo that shows just how fast it is. You’ll also be able to take it on a test drive using any mobile device.


Features of Virtual Desktop Hosting:

Connect to your virtual desktop from any device in the world. Regardless of where you are or what you are using, you can always access your hosted virtual desktop. 

  • Up to 100% guaranteed uptime of all hosted desktops!
  • Daily, offsite data backups
  • FREE server hardware upgrades
  • Secure access to your virtual desktop cloud from any computer
  • Online virtual desktop managed software upgrades
  • Access your desktop cloud from your device
  • 128 bit SSL encryption
  • Remote access to all hosted desktop applications and data
  • Month-to-month Microsoft licensing
  • Local printing